Should we invest in bitcoin? Read this article carefully to understand

Should we invest in bitcoin? Read this article carefully to understand

You wonder but what is bitcoin? You wonder you have to invest in bitcoin. More and more people are asking me the question. Here is my answer. Click here for lottoland.


Why does it exist?

This exists in response to “traditional” currencies which are now virtual at 98%, the rest being the 4 banknotes in circulation. The reproach to traditional currencies is simple:

  • Controlled by a central bank
  • Constantly devalued see manipulated
  • All movements are tracked by the states. Visit this site for

 What’s the interest for me?

  • You can receive and send money free of charge anywhere in the world.
  • No one can control, prevent or limit your transactions.
  • Bitcoin is “relatively” independent of traditional currencies and therefore allows, in theory, to protect its assets in the event of a fall in the euro or the dollar.

 How much is it worth?

The price of bitcoin has exploded and we do not know how far that will go. The mass of bitcoin is today limited to 21 million which should (in theory) limit the value when everything has been distributed. The value is therefore not determined or fixed.

What are the risks of having bitcoins?

The risks are falling on fraudulent intermediaries like here or security loopholes like that. Since everything is new, you can fall on unscrupulous people. This is the limit of an unguided currency but it is easily bypassed by working only services / companies recognized. Overall, the risk is to put money and have to go out when the price has dropped (as happens if you invest in the currency) or simply see this system disappear for one reason or another. Even if the probability is low, it cannot be excluded. We must therefore consider that it is still at the stage of experience and that the risk is to lose your capital. In my opinion, the most important risk is that the states find a means of control and lose the interest of this currency. This risk is low because everything.

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